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General Rules
Leave Rules

1.   Students should have a minimum of 75% attendance to appear for the University Examination.

2.   If a student wants to avail leave she should submit the leave form in the prescribed format and get it approved by the faculty advisor, HOD and the Principal.

3.   In case of sudden illness, the leave form is to be submitted on the day the student reports back to the college.

4.   In case of long illness/ sickness, a medical certificate is to be produced.

5.   Day scholars must get letters signed by their parents if they wish to avail leave.

6.   If a student wants to leave the college premises during the working hours, prior permission is to be obtained from the faculty advisor, HOD and the Principal.

7.   If a student takes leave without prior permission or information, she should be accompanied with the parents.

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1.      Strict discipline should be maintained within the premises of the institution.

2.      It is compulsory to converse only in English in the college and in the Hostel.

3.      Students are expected to be in their respective classes atleast 5  minutes before the class commence.

4.      During class hours, no student leave the class without the permission of the faculty/ HOD.

5.      Disobedience to the order of faculty will be deemed as breach of discipline.

6.      Students are required to attend the classes with textbooks, notebooks, calculator, instrument box, etc. as prescribed by the faculty.

7.      No student will be allowed to do a fresh lab  experiment or work until the record of her  previous work is checked by the faculty- in  charge.

8.      Habitual neglect of class work and assignments will be viewed seriously and corrective measures will be taken.

9.      During the free hours, the students may go to library/Internet lab or may spend time usefully remaining in their classrooms without disturbing others.

10.    Attendance is must for these free hours and will be included while calculating the percentage of attendance.

11.    Visitors will not be allowed to contact a student during the class hours without prior permission from the faculty advisor, HOD and Principal.

12.     Once the college & hostel fee are paid, will not be refunded.

1.      Strictly follow the rules and regulations of the college.

2.      Maintain discipline and decorum both in the college and in the hostel campus.

3.      Be polite and courteous to all. Be decently dressed at all the times when in the campus.

4.      Do not violation the dress code.

5.      Maintain campus peace and harmony. Any violation either by one or in groups will be severely deal with.

6.      Damage of any kind and magnititude to college property will be punished and must be duly compensated.

7.      Keep the campus always clean, neat and tidy.

8.      Avoid scribbling on the desks or the black board and walls of the college and hostel.

9.      Attend all the classes without fail. Keep punctuality. Absence without permission is punishable.

10.    Attend retest if a test is missed on valid grounds or if you fall short of 50% marks in the last test.

11.    Possessing, consuming, distributing harmful drugs or chewing gums are not permitted.

12.    Strictly avoid possession and use of fire crackers in the college and hostel premises.

13.    Unauthorised-meetings by students themselves or by out siders for any purpose are PROHIBTED.

14.    Malpractices such as copying in the tests, exams, giving false declarations, spreading rumours, unfounded accusations, writing, printing, displaying  unautherised notices of any kind and bringing disrepute to the college will be  severly dealtwith.

15.    Ragging is a crime and any student involved in such an activity will be dismissed immediately without any enquiry.

16.     Use of radios, televisions, PCs, cellphones, tape recorders steel almirahs or any other type of personal furniture or electrical, electronic appliances is not  permitted.

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